Hack Courseware Tabs

function cw_hack_tabs() {
  global $wp_filter;
  foreach ( reset( $wp_filter['courseware_group_nav_options'] ) as $k => $v ){
    $klass = reset( $v['function'] );
    $method = end( $v['function'] );
    if ( get_class( $klass ) == 'BPSP_Schedules' && $method == 'add_nav_options' )
      unset( $wp_filter['courseware_group_nav_options'][10][$k] );
add_action('bp_groups_setup_nav', 'cw_hack_tabs');

6 thoughts on “Hack Courseware Tabs

      • Hi Technofreaky

        Thanks for the codes you made, I was able to rename the Courseware and other objects that I wanted. However there is one that I can’t rename using your script from the other post.

        I tried the ‘Lecture(s)’, => ‘Module(s)’, because ‘Lecure’ wont replace, probably due to the (s). What do you think?



    • Hi Karthik,

      Thank you for visiting our site, it is still under going construction, though the registration is working just fine. I am receiving new users, please try again or check your email for confirmation.

      Though the courseware is not implemented yet and under test at buddypress.icoachacademy.com. I used your codes to change some of the labels and it really worked!

      Thank you again for the wonderful scripts…



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