Hack Courseware Tabs

function cw_hack_tabs() {
  global $wp_filter;
  foreach ( reset( $wp_filter['courseware_group_nav_options'] ) as $k => $v ){
    $klass = reset( $v['function'] );
    $method = end( $v['function'] );
    if ( get_class( $klass ) == 'BPSP_Schedules' && $method == 'add_nav_options' )
      unset( $wp_filter['courseware_group_nav_options'][10][$k] );
add_action('bp_groups_setup_nav', 'cw_hack_tabs');

6 thoughts on “Hack Courseware Tabs”

      1. Hi Technofreaky

        Thanks for the codes you made, I was able to rename the Courseware and other objects that I wanted. However there is one that I can’t rename using your script from the other post.

        I tried the ‘Lecture(s)’, => ‘Module(s)’, because ‘Lecure’ wont replace, probably due to the (s). What do you think?



    1. Hi Karthik,

      Thank you for visiting our site, it is still under going construction, though the registration is working just fine. I am receiving new users, please try again or check your email for confirmation.

      Though the courseware is not implemented yet and under test at buddypress.icoachacademy.com. I used your codes to change some of the labels and it really worked!

      Thank you again for the wonderful scripts…



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