Adobe Flex

Calling a Javascript in Flex

Steps to call a javascript from Flex.

Step 1:
Create a New Flex Project in a Flex Builder with Application type “None”.

Step 2:
Then MXML file will be opened and ready to start.

Go to Design View

Step 3:
Drag a Button from the Flex Component.

Step 4:
Change the label of the Button and add click event to the button using the function name.

Step 5:
Add a simple script in Flex code View.

For Calling a Javascript in Flex, we have to use ExternalInterface.

Call refers to calling a javascript and hello is nothing but the function name in the javascript.

Code looks like this,

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
<mx:Application xmlns:mx=”; layout=”absolute”>
private function show():void
<mx:Button x=”271″ y=”89″ label=”Click Me” click=”show()”/>

Step 6:
Now,here is the actual problem arise.

Where to put the javascript code.

But its quite simple,here it is.

In your Flex Project,you have a directory called “html-template”.

In that you will have “index.template.html”.

In that file,before the closing of head tag you have to place your Javascript code.

Sample JavaScript code

function hello()
alert(“Call from Javascript”);

Thats it all done.



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