AIX Device Commands

lscfg                          lists all installed devices
lscfg -v                       lists all installed devices in detail
lscfg -vl (device name)        lists device details

bootinfo -b                    reports last device the system booted from
bootinfo -k                    reports keyswitch position
1=secure, 2=service, 3=normal

bootinfo -r                    reports amount of memory (/ by 1024)
bootinfo -s (disk device)      reports size of disk drive
bootinfo -T                    reports type of machine ie rspc

lsattr -El sys0 -a realmem     reports amount of useable memory

mknod (device) c (major no) (minor no)        Creates a /dev/ device file.
mknod /dev/null1 c 2 3

lsdev -C        lists all customised devices ie installed
lsdev -P        lists all pre-defined devices ie supported
lsdev -(C or P) -c (class) -t (type) -s (subtype)

chdev -l (device) -a (attribute)=(new value)         Change a device attribute
chdev -l sys0 -a maxuproc=80

lsattr -EH -l (device) -D         Lists the defaults in the pre-defined db
lsattr -EH -l sys0 -a modelname

rmdev -l (device)           Change device state from available to defined
rmdev -l (device) -d        Delete the device
rmdev -l (device) -SR       S stops device, R unconfigures child devices

lsresource -l (device)  Displays bus resource attributes of a device.

Power Management (PCI machines)

pmctrl -a            Displays the Power Management state

rmdev -l pmc0        Unconfigure Power Management
mkdev -l pmc0        Configure Power Management


rmt0.x where x = A + B + C

A = density        0 = high      4 = low
B = retension      0 = no        2 = yes
C = rewind         0 = no        1 = yes

tctl -f (tape device) fsf (No)        Skips forward (No) tape markers
tctl -f (tape device) bsf (No)        Skips back (No) tape markers
tctl -f (tape device) rewind          Rewind the tape
tctl -f (tape device) offline         Eject the tape
tctl -f (tape device) status          Show status of tape drive

chdev -l rmt0 -a block_size=512        changes block size to 512 bytes
(4mm = 1024, 8mm = variable but
1024 recommended)

bootinfo -e             answer of 1 = machine can boot from a tape drive
answer of 0 = machine CANNOT boot from tape drive

diag -c -d (tape device)        Hardware reset a tape drive.

tapechk (No of files)           Checks Number of files on tape.

< /dev/rmt0                     Rewinds the tape !!!


splp (device)                   Displays/changes printer driver settings
splp /dev/lp0

export $LPDEST=”pqname”         Set default printer queue for login session

lsvirprt                        Lists/changes virtual printer attributes.

rmvirprt -q queuename -d queuedevice        Removes a virtual printer

qpri -#(job No) -a(new priority)            Change a queue job priority.

qhld -#(job No)                Put a hold on hold
qhld -r #(job No)              Release a held job

qchk -A                        Status of jobs in queues
lpstat -p(queue)               Status of jobs in a named queue

qcan -x (job No)               Cancel a job from a queue
cancel (job No)

enq -U -P(queue)               Enable a queue
enable (queue)

enq -D -P(queue)               Disable a queue
disable (queue)

qmov -m(new queue) -#(job No)  Move a job to another queue

startsrc -s qdaemon            Start qdaemon sub-system
lssrc -s qdaemon               List status of qdaemon sub-system
stop -s qdaemon                Stop qdaemon sub-system


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