AIX Network Commands

host (ip or hostname)      Resolves a hostname / ip address

hostname                   Displays hostname
hostname (hostname)        Sets the hostname until next reboot

chdev -l (device name) -a hostname=(hostname)    Changes hostname permanently
chdev -l inet0 -a hostname=thomas

ifconfig (device name)              Displays network card settings
ifconfig (device name) up           Turns on network card
ifconfig (device name) down         Turns off network card
ifconfig (device name) detach       Removes the network card from the
network interface list
ifconfig en0 inet netmask up

ifconfig lo0 alias      Create alias ip address for loopback

route (add/delete) (-net/-host) (destination) (gateway)
Adds or deletes routes to other networks or hosts, does not update
the ODM database and will be lost at reboot.
route add -net

lsattr -EHl inet0                  Displays routes set in ODM and hostname
odmget -q “name=inet0” CuAt        Displays routes set in ODM and hostname

refresh -s inetd           Refresh inetd after changes to inetd.conf
kill -1 (inetd PID)        Refresh inetd after changes to inted.conf

netstat -i                             Displays interface statistics
entstat -d (ethernet adapter eg en0)   Displays ethernet statistics

arp -a         Displays ip to mac address table from arp cache

no -a          Displays network options use -o to set individual options or
-d to set individual options to default.
no -o option=value (this value is reset at reboot)
no -o “ipforwarding=1”

traceroute (name or ipaddress)        Displays all the hops from source to
destination supplied.

ping -R (name or ipaddress)           Same as traceroute except repeats.


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