Commands & Tips

CPL Commands for Windows

  • Accessibility: ACCESS.CPL
  • Add-Remove Programs: APPWIZ.CPL
  • Automatic Updates: WUAUCPL.CPL
  • Calculator: CALC
  • Character Map (ascii): CHARMAP
  • Command Prompt: CMD
  • Component Services: DCOMCNFG
  • Computer Management: COMPMGMT.MSC
  • Control Panel: CONTROL.EXE
  • Date and Time: TIMEDATE.CPL
  • Encryption: SYSKEY
  • Device Manager: DEVMGMT.MSC
  • Direct X Diagnostics: DXDIAG
  • Disk Cleanup: CLEANMGR
  • Disk Defragment: DFRG.MSC
  • Display: DESK.CPL
  • Display Properties: DESK.CPL
  • Group Policy Editor (XP PRO): GPEDIT.MSC
  • Internet Properties: INETCPL.CPL
  • Local Running Services: SERVICES.MSC
  • Microsoft Chat: WINCHAT
  • Mouse Properties: MAIN.CPL
  • Multimedia and Sounds: MMSYS.CPL
  • Network Connections: NCPA.CPL
  • Network Setup Wizard: NETSETUP.CPL
  • Notepad: NOTEPAD
  • Outlook Express: MSIMN.EXE
  • Performance Monitor: PERFMON.MSC
  • Power Management Settings: POWERCFG.CPL
  • Regional Settings: INTL.CPL
  • Registry Editor: REGEDIT
  • Remote Desktop: MSTSC
  • Removable Storage Manager: NTMSMGR.MSC
  • Scheduled Tasks: CONTROL SCHEDTASKS
  • Security Center Settings: WSCUI.CPL
  • Shared Folders Management: FSMGMT.MSC
  • System Configuration Utility: MSCONFIG
  • System Properties: SYSDM.CPL
  • Task Management: TASKMGR
  • Telephone and Modem Options: TELEPHON.CPL
  • Windows User Account Manager: NUSRMGR.CPL
  • Windows Utility Manager (narrator): UTILMAN
  • Windows Updates: WUPDMGR
  • WordPad: WRITE

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