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My Pen Drive Not showing the Drive Icon


Yesteraday i got a pretty serious problem between my computer and pen drive. I am having Windows XP on my computer and it just works fine. But , when i plug-in pen drive it shows connected and its not showing the drive icon in my computer. So, i tried in different slots. Still same. So , i tried my pen drive in the Internet Center. There its get detected and shows me drive. But there were some Virus files that is getting automatically getting generated. So, tried formatting the Drive. But its not letting me to do it.So, I was totally confused about what to do.At last, i returned my home . Reboot my computer with Windows Vista. then i plug – in Pen Drive. Now , its showing me a drive icon on the computer window.So, i thought of formatting my pen drive now.

So , i just right click on the Pen Drive icon and click on Format.Also i changed a format to NTFS (By default it was in FAT) and then i click on Format.

Again , i am not able to format the Drive.Its showing me the error message “Windows is unable to format the drive”.

So, i go to my main screen on my Desktop.

Right Click on “Computer” icon and click on the Manage.

In that i click on Storage Management

There i have my Removable Media is connected.

From there i formatted it and create a new Partition in that Pen Drive with the space available on it.

Then it works fine on My Computer.

To Recheck it , I again rebooted to Windows XP.

It quiet works fine on XP too.

So, Be Cool and try to break a different things faced in life.


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